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Prof. Gordana Vulić from VM Bled and Prof. Tanja Abarca Kokol from VSGT Maribor visited College of Professional studies ICEPS as guest lecturers through Erasmus+ program.

Prof. Gordana Vulić was a guest on courses Basics of Gastronomy and Gastronomic products where the students had the opportunity to expand their knowledge and taste palettes through practical tasting exercises and familiarization with different cuisines, which will further help and enable them to become experts in the hospitality industry.

While on the medical programs, prof. Tanja Abarca Kokol was a guest on the course Specilized German for Medicine 1, applying new methods in learning and faster acquisition of a foreign language.

Both professors come from partner institutions of ICEPS to which our students and staff will be able to go on exchange through the Erasmus+ program, which fully stipends their stay.

We are happy that we had the opportunity to achieve Erasmus+ mobility and enable our students to connect with colleagues from their professional fields, as well as expand and share knowledge and experience, and we look forward to all new activities in the field of international cooperation.

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