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The past year at ICEPS was marked by international cooperation and the active involvement of our college in the Erasmus+ mobility programs. We are very proud that students from Austria, Daniela Fuchs and Linda Breuss from the Health University of Applied Sciences Tyrol chose our internship program as part of Erasmus+ student mobility.

Linda and Daniela have in the period from the 9th of October 2023 until 8th of December 2023  stayed in Novi Sad for an internship in one of the most important teaching bases of ICEPS – the Institute of Oncology of Vojvodina in Sremska Kamenica. The students attended practice in the field of Basics of Nuclear Medicine and Computed Tomography (CT) with an emphasis on independent work under the supervision and instructions of a mentor.

Basics of Nuclear Medicine course practice was led by mentor Marko Vasiljević, chief technician of the Nuclear Medicine Service, who introduced the students to the basics of PET/CT and SPECT/CT techniques, thyroid and gamma camera work, as well as laboratory work. The initial classes consisted of shadowing his work and learning, while later they worked independently applying the knowledge they had acquired.

Under the mentorship of specialist professional medical radiologist Slađana Tomić, on the Computed Tomography course, students were trained to independently perform various procedures and tasks – from planning, preparing and conducting imaging to taking care of patients after imaging.

We used the opportunity to do a short INTERVIEW with Linda and Daniela after the end of the internship program, and here we convey their impressions about the internship, ICEPS, Novi Sad, Serbia and the people they met.

“During the internship, we had the opportunity to learn many new things, to practically apply what we learned theoretically at our school, to see a different approach to processes and solving tasks. A lot of things were new to me, and I think that this experience and knowledge will be useful to me later in my work”, said Linda.

Daniela pointed out that working with patients who speak another language represented a new type of challenge that she had not encountered before, but also that it was one of the key skills she acquired here. She added: “The techniques we have used so far in Austria are different from what we have learned and applied here, and this will certainly help us become better healthcare professionals who apply different methods of patient care.”

When talking about their stay in our country and the people they met, Daniela and Linda had only words of praise, and they were especially pleasantly surprised by how accommodating, open and ready to help people are.

They used their free time to socialize with other Erasmus+ students, as well as for trips around Serbia (Fruška gora, Đerdap…), which will remain as some of their favorite memories.

Regarding their stay at ICEPS, they say that ICEPS was a good host, that communication was simple and that everything was well organized, both at our school and at the internship at the Institute of Oncology.

Daniela and Linda pointed out that they would recommend the Erasmus+ exchange program to everyone, because, as they claim, this is: “a unique opportunity to gain important life experience”.

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