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How long does the Nursing study program last?

The Nursing study program at our college is on the bachelor level of professional studies, lasts for 3 years and has 180 ECTS in total. To read more about the program check this page

What professional title is awarded after graduation?

The professional title awarded after the completion of bachelor professional studies in Nursing is Bachelor in Nursing (BSN).

Where can I see what courses I will attend?

To know what courses you will take during the three years of your studies, check the Courses catalogue. Courses marked with (*) have mandatory professional practice during studies. 

How can I apply for studies in English?

Detailed information on application procedure is available here.

What study programs are there at ICEPS?

We offer Nursing, Physiotherapy, Radiology and Medical Laboratory Technologist on Bachelor level and Nursing on Master level in Serbian language.

While in English language there is only Nursing program on Bachelor level at the moment. To see the Courses Catalogue at ICEPS check this page

Please, note that for studies in English you must provide language proficiency document confirming the level of your language knowledge (either English or Serbian) on at least B2 level. To check other requirements, follow this link

Do I need visa to study at ICEPS?

Citizens of many countries can enter Serbia without any visa and stay between 30 and 90 days. To check if you need a visa to enter Serbia, go visit this page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia and click on your country of passport. For detailed procedure check this page. 

What do I need to know about Serbia?

You will learn a lot simply by living and studying in Serbia, but it is best to acquire as much information as possible before you come here. For more information go to the next page.

For many useful information about living and studying in Serbia, check this page

Why should I choose ICEPS?

We focus on real-life experiences at health care institutions and offer lots of professional practice for our students. Teachers and mentors have rich professional experience and students can learn a lot from them. For more information about studies at ICEPS check this page