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Here is why you should join us and study at ICEPS:

  1. Focus on practice at healthcare institutions – all our study programs are designed with absolute focus on practice as we believe our students can learn best while doing and facing real-time situations. In each study year there are several courses that have obligatory clinical practice that takes place in some of the health institutions across the country.

  2. Compatibility with EU study programs – our study programs have complete or great compatibility with EU programs. It makes our students easily mobile and adaptable to any healthcare system. Our students become as attractive to employers as „those who already know the job“.

  3. Knowledge transfer from the best lecturers – Our lecturers are among the best in the country and region. They are great at transferring knowledge to our students based on their broad education and practical experience in everyday work. They engage our students in different activities and motivate them to excel in their careers.

  4. Opportunities for career development Completing practice in different health institutions gives you an opportunity to meet many different professionals and learn from them. It is a great opportunity for creating contacts and connections within the professional circle and take part in different projects and tasks. It can be a great addition to your CV and make you more visible and attractive to both employers.

  5. Modern approach to studying and continuous support – We provide our students with online materials and literature for preparing exams and improving their knowledge. Besides, our kind staff will be at your disposal for any doubts you may have. We are here to support you and make your stay in Serbia pleasant and enjoyable. Through different activities you will get to know our unique culture and experience life abroad.

To learn more about ICEPS check this page about us! 

ICEPS is waiting for you!