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The biggest challenge for students who wish to study abroad is the language barrier. Do not worry! We got this for you!

The minimum language requirement for incoming students at ICEPS studying in English is level B2 in CEFR.

When moving into a new country one of the biggest hurdles you can experience is the new language. Knowing the language will not only help you in your day-to-day life, but it will also allow you to experience the country, its people, culture and everything that country has to offer in a much more fulfilling way!

We at ICEPS are very aware of that and so we partnered up with EDUKA centar!

ICEPS and EDUKA centar offer to our full degree Nursing program students a free trial period lasting one month of Serbian language lessons as part of their tuition costs!

If a student wishes to continue learning Serbian after the free trial period, our partner offers a 15% discount!

Likewise, students who decide to experience the magic of student exchanges through Erasmus+ program are granted the same free trial period with a later discount as our full degree students!

Prices and other details

The price of the language course for students who wish to continue would depend on the size of the group.

These are the options:

  1. Individual classes (1 on 1)
  2. Semi-individual classes (2 people 1 professor)
  3. Group classes (3-4 people per group)

Course participants sign a contract with EDUKA centar, and the costs of the course can either be paid upfront fully or at the end of each month depending on the number of classes taken that month.

Classes are held 2 times per week, 90 minutes each and the exact schedule of the classes would be arranged between the course participants and the professor.

The classes can be held either in English or in Russian and the professors who hold the classes are graduated professors of Serbian language and literature, citizens of Republic of Serbia. EDUKA centar and its professors are located in Novi Sad, so for ICEPS students outside of Novi Sad the classes would be held online. However, if there is a bigger group of students in Belgrade it could be agreed with EDUKA centar to organize lessons live at ICEPS in Belgrade. 

The book that will be used is called “Naučimo srpski 1″ and it consists of a textbook and a workbook. The book does not cover medical terms since the book is at the A1/A2 level. At the end of the course a test is taken and if passed successfully EDUKA center issues a valid language certificate.

During your studies you also choose other languages as elective courses (free of charge) and, in this way, improve your language skills in other languages too and learn vocabulary for your professional field. Check the courses available in the Courses Catalogue.

If a student considers he has previous knowledge of Serbian, a test to determine his level of Serbian can be arranged (paid separately).  Enrollment details for studies in Serbian (minimum level required is B2 in CEFR) at ICEPS are available here.

There is also a possibility of organizing extra lessons of any language for students who want to take intensive language courses. Check your options with the International Relations Office:

Website: https://international.iceps.edu.rs/contact/
Email: international@iceps.edu.rs  
Telephone: (+381) 64 863 45 16

You can also contact our partner EDUKA centar directly through the following contacts:

Website: https://eduka-centar.com/serbian-for-foreigners/
Email: office@eduka-centar.com
Telephone: (+381) 64 824 56 91

Do not forget to mention that you are ICEPS student!

Check some of the reasons why Serbian is better than English in this funny video made by an Australian girl living in Serbia!

Dobrodošli! / Добродошли!
(“Welcome” in Serbian