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If you are interested in a degree in Nursing, here is why ICEPS is a great place for you to start your medical career.

Focus on real-life experiences at health care institutions 

Nursing is a noble profession and it’s about people. That is why all our study programs are designed with absolute focus on clinical practice, since we believe our students can learn best while doing and facing real-time situations.

Lecturers with professional rich experience 

Our lecturers have rich practical experience on local, national and international level. They give the best knowledge transfer to our students providing strong basis in theory,but focusing even more on successfully completing practical tasks. Nursing study program has complete or great compatibility with EU programs. It is what makes our students easily mobile and adaptable to any health care system and why they are referred to employers as „those who already know the job“.

Cooperation with the most prestigious health institutions

We are proud of the fact that a great number of cooperation agreements were signed with the most prestigious health care institutions (more than 50) where professional practice of our students takes place. There are various types of institutions such as clinical centers, hospitals, health centers, etc. both private and public.

Always available online teaching materials 

We provide our students with online materials and literature for preparing exams and improving their knowledge. All the literature is available in e-form or in the school library – no additional payment is required, also all the lectures are recorded and available for later audio and video listening.

Modern approach to studying and continuous support

We believe that modern approach to teaching and learning is not up to books only. We follow continuous changes and innovations that society and medicine experience. Also, we are here to support you and make your stay in Serbia pleasant and enjoyable.

If you need any further information, be free to contact us