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The Strategic Plan 2020-2024 of the EU Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety indicates health and healthcare as a fundamental part of how the citizens understand their social fabric and the European Way of Life.

The EU policies and actions in public health are focused to:

  • protect and improve the health of the EU citizens,
  • support the modernization and digitalization of health systems and infrastructure,
  • improve the resilience of Europe’s health systems and
  • equip EU countries to better prevent and address future pandemics.

In line with those, the EU Priorities for 2021-2027 are directed on both urgent and long-term health priorities, from the response to the COVID-19 crisis and resilience to cross-border health threats, to Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe and digital health.

We cannot wait for the end of the pandemic to repair and prepare for the future. We will build the foundations of a stronger European Health Union in which 27 countries work together to detect, prepare and respond collectively.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, speaking at the World Health Summit (25 October 2020)

Health workers have become the core of the health systems and consequently there is more need for well trained and educated professionals who could cope with the upcoming health threats.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that health workers were on the front lines of the epidemic around the globe.

The framework of the Public Health Strategy in the Republic of Serbia 2018-2026 is defined on the basis of public health in the Republic of Serbia and the international approach to public health policies and areas of public health in Europe.

It is focused on three aspects of sustainable development:

  • economic development,
  • broad social inclusion and
  • environmental sustainability.

Respecting both national and international contexts, the International Center of Professional Studies, (ICEPS) as a college of professional studies aims to contribute to the preservation and raising of the level of quality of higher education and participation in national and international projects in the area of health.

In accordance with its mission and vision, ICEPS is functioning with a respect to national and European goals and standards of higher education and encourages professional development of its students and teaching staff.

The ICEPS Project Department under the International Relations Office recognizes the importance of participation of teachers, associates and students in various projects and programs that contribute to their professional development and strengthen their competencies.

At the same time, we are open for exploring new ideas and establishing new networks with institutions and organizations in the area of healthcare through Erasmus+ cooperation projects (KA2)*.

In case you would like to collaboration with us on a project, do not hesitate to get in touch via email: projects@iceps.edu.rs

We are open to developing new project ideas with you!

*Please, note that the process of establishing collaboration on an Erasmus+ KA2 project is expected after ICEPS is granted the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.