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We are a college of professional (applied) studies from Serbia! We provide a wide range of bachelor and master study programs in the field of medicine and management in health, hospitality and finance. For international students we offer Nursing studies in English oriented towards professional excellence, with an emphasis on clinical practice, performed at the best healthcare institutions thanks to which ICEPS has become a household name in the nursing profession in Serbia. To find out how to join us click here!
If you are seeking Erasmus experience abroad, you are at the right place. We offer mobility for a study period abroad or traineeship mobility for students coming from our partner institutions. To learn how it works click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed information on application procedure is available here.

The Nursing study programme at our college is on the bachelor level of professional studies, lasts for 3 years and has 180 ECTS in total.

The professional title awarded after the completion of bachelor studies in Nursing is Bachelor in Nursing (BSN).


To know what courses you will take during the three years of your studies, check the Courses catalogue. Courses marked with (*) have mandatory professional practice during studies. 

Citizens of many countries can enter Serbia without any visa and stay between 30 and 90 days. To check if you need a visa to enter Serbia, go visit this page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia and click on your country of passport. For detailed procedure check this page. 

We focus on real-life experiences at health care institutions and offer lots of professional practice for our students. Teachers and mentors have rich professional experience and students can learn a lot from them. For more information about studies at ICEPS check this page

Read what our current students and alumni have to say about their ICEPS experience:


After 30 years, I am a student again! I hope that this decision to continue my studies at ICEPS, in the conditions of the current competition, already speaks volumes. Positive comments about the college were just an extra wind in the back. But, as a member of the “older” generation, I must admit that a very important role in my decision to enroll in ICEPS was played by kind, eloquent, helpful colleagues from the Student Service.

Sladjana – Nursing study program

Modern approach to students attracted me to ICEPS, which allows us to have access to all the necessary materials for exams preparation at any time of the day, practical classes in our hometown, and adaptability to specific student’s requirements. I would also like to mention the well-organized work of all employees who are there to clarify all our doubts and be supportive of achieving positive results.


Dimitrije – Nursing study program

The school is very well organized, both in terms of theoretical classes, where we learn accurate things, and when it comes to practice. We can count on receiving response to every call or e-mail from the Student Service. Special admiration for meeting the needs of students who are employed or are athletes.

Iva and Aleksandra – Physiotherapy study program