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Professional (or applied) studies in Nursing at ICEPS will provide you with the right knowledge and practical experience. Studies have complete or great compatibility with EU programs, as they are in accordance with the regulations in the EU. It is what makes our students easily mobile and adaptable to any health care system and why our students become as attractive to employers as „those who already know the job“.

During all three years of studies you will have possibility to choose either English or German as elective course and, and in this way, improve your language skills and learn vocabulary from your professional field (within the cost of studies), which is beneficial for later employment in this profession.

Besides, as a full degree student in English you will have classes of Serbian included in your scholarship for a certain period of time to learn the basic things and get to know better your new home.

You will be introduced to the patient health care in the cabinet with the most modern equipment and nursing care simulation, after which clinical practice would take place in the best health institutions in Serbia.

What will you practically learn in Nursing studies?

Beside patient health care you will learn how to help the patient to overcome the disease, recognize the basic symptoms and signs of the disease, prepare patients for diagnostic procedures, therapeutically distribute the drugs, keep medical records within the scope of care, provide information on the prevention of various diseases, provide psychological support to the patient and family (especially with critically ill patients), etc.

Where professional practice takes place?

We are proud of the fact that our students attend obligatory clinical practice that takes place in the best health institutions in Serbia, such as general and special hospitals, clinics and polyclinics, health centers, gerontological centers, specialist surgeries, etc.

What opportunities are there for employment?

There are great chances that you get noticed by your mentors during the professional practice and be hired based on your achievements and competences. Besides, our students are known to be very well prepared for their future jobs due to the amount of hours spent on professional practice and professional experience gained in different institutions, both public and private. 

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