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Welcome to ICEPS!

We are happy to have you with us and we hope your stay here will be memorable!

Buddy Network

After enrolling at ICEPS, you will be matched with a local student, a member of the Erasmus Student Network Serbia, the so-called “buddy”.

Through individual approach, your buddy will help you with:

  • finding suitable accommodation for your stay in Serbia,
  • completing papers for registering the legal stay in Serbia after you enter Serbia, and
  • integrating through numerous entertaining, educational, sport and other type of organized activities.

Welcome week

At the beginning of each semester, ESN organizes Welcome week for international students that usually includes (but not only!):

  • Welcome day at the college,
  • City tour that includes sightseeing, but also visting interesting museums, galleries, etc.
  • Trying typical food and drinks from Serbia,
  • Fun games (darts, billiards, table tennis) or sports activities,
  • Trips and parties.

You will also get an ESNcard that you can use to obtain local, national and even international discounts on products and services!

For more information about living and studying in Serbia which include the process of registering your legal stay in Serbia, accommodation, prices etc., please follow this link.

Also, check out the Survival Guide created by ESN.

Throughout this whole process, you will be also supported by the International Relations Office of ICEPS. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email international@iceps.edu.rs for any doubts you may have. 

ICEPS signed the agreement with ESN Serbia. To check this news, click here.