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Welcome to Serbia, a country of vivid life, culture, famous athletes, and honorable scientists, but above all a country of common people who will greet you with warmth and love! Serbia is a country in the southeastern Europe, located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula where a vast majority of its 7 million citizens are Serbs while the rest belong to any of the 40 different ethnic groups.  

Being on the crossroads of the Balkan routes, Serbian culture has for centuries preserved the identity and authenticity of Serbia and its people. You can discover medieval Serbian churches and monasteries, learn that one-fifth of the ancient rulers of Rome were born on what is nowadays Serbia, and the world’s first vampire was in fact from Serbia.

Unfortunately, Serbia has no seaside coast, but is immensely mountainous country and has astonishing landscapes especially on some of following mountains that stand tall over the rest: Kopaonik, Tara, Fruška gora, Šar-planina and Stara planina. The northern part of the country is mostly under flat plains that tell a completely different story, but equally exciting!

Serbs are very passionate about their cuisine and food in general. Food preparation is a special part of every Serbian household. So, while in Serbia don’t miss a chance to try some typical local food such as proja, gibanica, sarma, podvarak, many different types of soups and specialties made of meat such as pečenje, roštilj, ćevapi, pljeskavica, etc.

Nightlife in Serbia, and especially Belgrade, is well-known worldwide and often described as the best in Europe. Serbia is host to many festivals throughout the year such as Exit in Novi Sad, Love Fest in Vrnjačka Banja, Nishville in Niš and Beer Fest in Belgrade.

Serbia will steal your hearth in the blink of an eye, and you will never feel like a stranger here. If someone shakes your hand, it is vital to make eye contact, as a good-will gesture and of course to never refuse Serbian national drink – rakija.

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